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Representing the G.O.A.T

Updated: May 21, 2020

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on what it feels like to relish in the rewards of our hard work. Ah, what a feeling. If you’re an athlete, then you can relate to the feeling of putting in the work and seeing it pay off. Improved performance, game wins, making it to the conference finals, or for the new pro players, getting drafted by a major league team, all are great rewards our athletes look forward to. But what do you do as a young athlete entering the pro world, what can you learn from the past to tackle this present future? If this year's virtual NFL draft was any indication of the times we are currently living through, we should address our digital future and learn a thing or two from the past.

As we dive deeper into the digital age, we’ve seen some athletes create unfortunate fumbles on their personal social media accounts. We’ve all witnessed domestic violence, sexual assault, and shooting accident headlines that could’ve been handled differently (honestly, just our unsolicited opinion).

Now more than ever, it makes sense to hire professional writers to present, censor, and weed-out unacceptable content that gives athletes a bad image. In the world of social media, every part of one’s written and verbal speech is scrutinized. For athletes and celebrities, this is magnified much more because their lives are an open invitation for scrutiny. The public salaciously awaits the mishap of a revered entertainer to watch their downfall.

Through the pandemic, professional athletes have been asked to write commentaries, email correspondences, and have virtual interactions with executives and stakeholders in the multimillion-dollar industry. In an ideal situation, they would represent themselves with as much respect, dignity, and business acumen, as the businessmen that run the industry. Taking action and hiring a professional writer gives athlete's a position of control with their brand and assurance that they are stepping into a board meeting or conference fully prepared and backed by a team.

Athletes have a bit of a reputation for giving poor responses to sensitive issues and providing careless public interactions. As the face of their brand, athletes should take into consideration that any negative talk or public rant can hinder monetary opportunities from endorsements and career advancements.

Professional writers are needed for structure, form, and advice. We all know that athletes hire PR agencies to handle media, websites, and their overall public image. However, agencies assign an “agent”, one that will “handle” the account, a.k.a “the athlete”, these agents are great at connecting the athletes with magazine covers, public appearances and if they’re lucky… land a brand sponsorship. What they lack, however, is the time and writing skill necessary to truly serve an athlete in this momentous industry.

You guessed it! This is where the Pencil Loft team steps in. We are skilled writers, with robust knowledge in different industries and tailor our writing style to suit anyone’s tone and voice. Our writing expertise is transferable to communication across all platforms such as Public Relations, speech writing, web content creation, letter and email composition, biographies, Instagram posts, and anything else you can think of! Our goal is to make sure our client’s message is being conveyed clearly without common mistakes like misspellings or unfavorable language.

Our services can be adapted to meet any and everyone in need. Athletes, business owners, influencers, and many more can benefit from having a strong writer behind their brand. We ensure that our clients are represented as the G.O.A.T with our effective writing. Let us flex our writing muscle behind your brand while you focus on attaining your next big win!

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