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Mary is a big city girl known as the “Finance Queen” during her time on Wall Street.  She has experience in various industries including banking, marketing, and entertainment to name a few. With her own lifestyle blog, she has been able to build her brand and tell her story through writing.


Mary is a powerhouse: managing multiple properties through her real estate company, investing in small businesses, and copywriting. 


When Mary is not busy using her red pen, she enjoys globetrotting with her husband and two daughters. Oh, and pretending to be a Carrie Bradshaw/Padma Lakshmi hybrid.

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VJ has over 10 years of experience working with clients on the domestic and international levels. Her undergraduate degree in communications and MPH provided the foundation to hone her interpersonal relations and writing skills.


Vanessa has been able to utilize her passion for writing while drafting, editing, and writing internal and external communication and literature while working at one of the most recognized cancer research centers and as a consultant for international medical device companies.

When VJ is not busy looking for typos, she enjoys brainstorming life with her husband while raising their two children. Oh, and eating cookies....lots and lots of cookies.

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