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Four Steps to Your Isolation Transformation

Watching futuristic movies in our youth often led us to imagine that living in 2020 would somehow involve flying cars or coexisting with robots. The start of present-day 2020 has placed us in a movie scenario, but unfortunately, this movie is nothing like iRobot. As we rang in this new year, we thought about what our goals and aspirations for 2020 would be. To our amazement, self-quarantine, making sure we have everyday essentials, and reasoning with ourselves about the importance of rationing our snack supplies just didn't make the resolution list. So, what do we do with our new normal? What do we do with the time between working remotely, homeschooling, dinner, family time, etc? Well, if you still have your resolution list, this is a perfect time to start getting yourself organized. We compiled a few things that will help you get ready for the light at this grey tunnel. Here are four steps for your isolation transformation!

1. Practice self-care

We all know the importance of having peace of mind, especially in times such as these. Take this time to implement self-care into your household's routine. Going to the spa or gym is not an option right now. Everyone is doing their part in lending a virtual hand so that you can find tons of online at-home workouts from trainers. We're almost certain that your favorite IG fitness guru is offering a few workouts you can do at home. If you haven't read a book since high school, look to your bookshelf for some stress relief. Reading helps the mind escape reality, become more informed, build knowledge, and be inspired. Some other self-care activities include meditation, painting or sketching, listening or creating music (remember the piano lessons you took as a kid), playing a board game/virtual game, or drinking your favorite beverage like soothing chamomile tea. Whatever it takes to decompress and relieve stress, now is the time to engage in loving yourself so you can extend that love to others when the time calls for it. We will all need a good hug when this is all over.

2. Get ahead at work

On your resolution list, you may have had something about organizing your files at work or taking the necessary steps for that promotion. Use your time in between work and personal time to work on upcoming assignments, tasks for the week ahead, or creating proposals for policies, projects, or ideas you want to present to your higher up. Even getting your digital files organized can make you feel like you've accomplished a year's worth of work. A clutter-free workspace gives room for great work. When you know exactly where to look for a file, it gives you the time back that you may have spent clicking through folders to find it. Why not think about ways that you can lend a hand to a colleague who may be severely impacted and can use some help with their workload. You may have a coworker who is caring for someone directly afflicted by COV-19 that can use some help right now.

3. Update your resume and LinkedIn

Updating your resume is something that many of us don't look forward to doing. It can be tedious work, but the feeling of having your resume updated and beautifully formatted is priceless. Luckily for you, we are resume experts and have broken down the process so you can tackle this like a pro and at your own pace.

  • Find a template that speaks to you. For example, if you are a creative, your resume is expected to "wow" the reader with a unique layout (and maybe add a profile photo). For financial services industry professionals, a modern yet conservative template will suit you best.

  • Assess what you can leave out. Less is sometimes more. Hiring managers have a few seconds to be captivated by your resume. Be informative and to the point by listing your most relevant jobs and their respective descriptions.

  • Keywords are important. Very important. Research how other organizations describe your job and the tasks you do. Even consider renaming your position to a trendier or sought-after title. For example, an Executive Assistant can also be known as Executive Administrator and Assistant to *insert department head*. Get creative and ensure you are using modern-day terminology. Once you've updated your resume, you can successfully update each section on your LinkedIn profile. Check out our blog on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to learn more about this.

4. Work on a business plan for that great idea you've been sitting on

Consider mapping out the blueprint for the amazing idea you keep pushing to the back of your to-do list. An idea can easily turn into something tangible with a little homework. Organizing your thoughts into a business plan will make things real and prepare your idea to be pitched. Don't know where to start? We can help with that! Start with the below step-by-step guide:

Research until you become an expert

We know that's a broad statement, but a great place to start is by researching your potential competitors, market prices, name availability for your brand, and how you can improve upon what is already out there.

Identify the purpose of your business plan

Ask yourself if you are creating the business plan to have structure or if you will use it to pitch to investors and banks for financing. Identifying your purpose will help you write a 1`more precise plan by providing the supporting data for its intended purpose.

Create an identity for your business

As writers, our goal is to add a voice to everything we do. Creating an identity for your business goes beyond naming it. Creating a persona for your brand will help determine how you write your marketing and ultimately identify your customers.

**Pro tip: reserve all your social media handles and domain ASAP

List all aspects of your business

List everything there is to know about your business, do not leave any details out. A good business plan template will help you organize and details all variables of the plan.

Develop a strategic marketing plan

How you market your business will determine how successful you are in reaching your audience. Consider strategic methods that will get your service/product in the market. Think outside the box and find innovative ways to get your business out there while adhering to budget constraints.

Make your findings adaptable to your target audience

Simplify and master your service/product so you can explain what it is fluidly and in simple terms. A good rule of thumb is to assume your target audience is a child... simple words equate to no room for confusion.

Explain your idea's relevancy

Millions of new businesses hit the market every day, so this is your opportunity to convey why this is the next cool thing. Write from your heart, but don't forget to include your data! Numbers comfort people.

Now that we've established some ways to make use of your extra time, we recommend prioritizing the most important to the least urgent. It's a new day and a new way of making use of our hours, so let's establish how we can transform ourselves while doing so. And although we're figuring out how to improve our time spent in isolation as we social distance, let's remember that we're all in this together.

Stay safe and continue to look towards the 2020 we all envisioned.

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