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About Us

We are a creative communications agency specializing in bringing out clients' stories to life.


Our team provides an array of creative and crafty communication services that help businesses and individuals express their brand via well-written and engaging content. When we say we do everything, WE DO EVERYTHING. Looking for social media content for your business or personal profile? PENCIL LOFT. Looking for blog articles or web page content? PENCIL LOFT. Business and professional bio? PENCIL LOFT. Need help responding to your online reviews or with ORM? Yup, PENCIL LOFT. Technical or Internal/External Business communication? Us...PENCIL LOFT. Maybe a new resume and cover letter? You guessed it, PENCIL LOFT.

A simple grammatical error can affect your image by branding it as careless based on a minor oversight.  Well executed literature of any form provides your audience confidence in your capabilities. Consider investing long term in creating a strong and dynamic content strategy. If you need a one-off piece, we can work with you to customize your specific needs. 

We strive to consistently produce high-quality communication through exceptional writing, and we would love to partner with you on your next writing project. Check out our full list of services!

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